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If you have moved here from another state, you likely had a 'to do' list that addressed the issues of establishing a new home. It included getting a driver's license, registering to vote, learning where to shop, and maybe someday down the road to have your wills and similar types of documents reviewed by a North Carolina lawyer.  

Many people have assembled over their lives several trusted advisors. Typically they are your accountant, insurance agent, and lawyer. Attorney Sacks, whose background in Accounting and Tax as well as admission to the bars of North Carolina, Massachusetts, & New York, can readily speak with and support your existing relationships. In fact, you may not have to replace all of your advisors.

Your Team Typically Includes:


Attorneys: If you live in North Carolina, you should have an attorney licensed in North Carolina to make sure your documents are appropriate here. Many of us will continue to own property in other states, have interests in other states, and have our primary beneficiaries living in other states, so you may wish to retain your long trusted legal advisor. Attorney Sacks shares those concerns and understands how to work with and is pleased to assist attorneys from every state, when appropriate.

Accountants: Similarly, many of us will retain our accountants, and others will seek out new local accountants. Attorney Sacks has a background in Accounting and Tax, and is able to work closely and effectively with your accountants, wherever located.

Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, and Other Advisors: Attorney Sacks has successfully worked in tandem with numerous insurance agents, financial advisors, and others.

Attorney Sacks wants to be part of your team working effectively for you here in North Carolina.