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Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, Succession and Business Planning


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The typical services Harley Sacks, Attorney at Law may provide can be divided into two primary areas:


* Wills (e.g. simple, direct)
* Trusts (e.g. living, revocable, insurance)
* Powers of Attorney for financial matters
* Health Care Directives (physical health, mental health, right-to-die, and organ donation)
* Estate Planning to create the optimum types of documents to suit the client’s needs
* Assistance in re-titling assets to take advantage of the estate plan
* Special Needs Trusts for family members with disabilities or other limitations

Provisions for the continuation of a business or professional practice to achieve the client’s goals which might include: 
* Preserving the business until a child or other family member gains sufficient years or                     experience to take over
* Assisting a spouse in managing a business
* Controlled liquidation (avoid a fire sale)
* Allow for employee purchase or management succession

* Free Initial Meeting: Attorney Sacks believes that it is important for the client to meet with him   
    in person and for all to determine their compatibility.
* There is no charge for an initial meeting to have a general discussion. This usually lasts about a

   half hour.
* Attorney Sacks believes that the fees must be competitive and fair. Prior to incurring any               charges, the fees will be clearly discussed and agreed upon.